I’m Seraina Silja, originally Swiss but currently living anywhere and working as a hybrid between Art Director and Social Media focused PR-Manager. Wait, what?

Okay, here’s the story about my name: Seraina is a Rhaeto-Romanic name hence I’m Swiss. Sounds complicated? Call me Silja, it might be easier to pronounce!

Still wondering about the living-anywhere-part? Yes, you read right — anywhere. 2017, I wanted to live and work in twelve of the so-called most livable cities across the globe — one month at a time. After four weeks each in Auckland, Melbourne, Tokyo, Vancouver, Berlin, Budapest, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Stockholm, Vienna, and Helsinki, I am currently in Switzerland figuring out where to go next.

A flatlay showing a very simple 2017-agenda.

Okay, cool! And what exactly does a hybrid between Art Director and Social Media focused PR-Manager do? I’m here to partner with design-heavy brands at eye level to help them stand-out. Art direct their brand story. Cross-communicate it through a strong visual language to the relevant audience in social and digital media. Connect the brand with valuable and beneficial media, journalists, and creators.

Got it? Great! But what exactly do I bring to the table? A mish-mash of an aesthetic-driven perspective on everything, a background in design thinking, conceptual work and communication strategies, an extended network of full-fledged talents and international businesses, at least seven years of living abroad, as well as three years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience and a mentality of doing it right or not at all.

So, that’s all! Okay, not ‚all all.‘ Hit me up to find out more. Or see what I’m up to on Instagram. Wow, there’s even something like what they call CV on the internet now: LinkedIn.

Whether you’re a rising brand, a long-standing business or a like-minded creator — say hello!