I’m Seraina Silja, a Swiss hybrid between Digital Marketing- and Social Media focused Communication Manager newly based in Copenhagen.

Okay, first things first. Here’s the story about my name: Seraina is a Rhaeto-Romanic name hence I’m Swiss. Sounds complicated? Call me Silja, this might be easier to pronounce!

2017, I wanted to live and work in twelve of the so-called most livable cities across the globe — one month at a time. After four weeks each in Auckland, Melbourne, Tokyo, Vancouver, Berlin, Budapest, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Stockholm, Vienna, and Helsinki, I am beyond happy to have Copenhagen as my new home base now (yeah, still in honeymoon-phase with this city — I love everything)!

A flatlay showing a very simple 2017-agenda.

Okay, cool! And what exactly does a Digital Marketing- and Social Media focused Communication Manager do? I’m here to partner with design-heavy brands at eye level to help them stand-out. Art direct their brand story. Shape the brand experiences. Cross-communicate it through a strong visual language to the relevant audience in social and digital media. Connect the brand with valuable and beneficial media, journalists, and creators.

Got it? Awesome! But what exactly do I bring to the table? A mish-mash of an aesthetic breathing personality, a background in design thinking and holistic, unified communication concepts, a love for taking projects from start to finish, a creating-synergy-mindset and three years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience as well as a mentality of doing it right or not at all.

So, that’s all! Okay, not ‚all all.‘ Got a project? Want to hire me? Grab a coffee? Either way, I love to hear from you. Hit me up. Or see what I’m up to on Instagram. Wow, there’s even something like what they call CV on the internet now: LinkedIn.

Got a project? Let's talk!