tokyobike has signature stores around the globe. Simon and I joined forces to create a complementary digital platform to their newly-opened Tokyo-based bike rental.

The independent bike brand puts comfort over speed and transports a unique feeling of lightness. However, the first contact with tokyobike is often made digitally. Therefore, Simon and I set out to bring the same easy and light experience to the digital tokyobike rental!

A classic tokyobike CS in Ivory.
A classic tokyobike CS in Ivory.

tokyobike is simply a way to enjoy a city, as much about the journey as the destination. That's why a well-selected city guide is part of the online rental cosmos. We art directed the evolving compilation of tokyobike’s favourite places in East Tokyo.

As the responsive platform progressed, we ensured to maintain tokyobike’s core attributes by borrowing the existing cosmopolitan aesthetics but pushing the boundaries of a coherent visual language even further. This role included briefing the in-house team of creators and photographers how to keep the pure, uniform and iconic branded content alive.


The outcome? An online platform that lives up to the tokyobike mission and even takes it beyond the digital side by letting one-time-visitors and frequent urban dwellers enjoy local Tokyo at their own pace.

A screenshot of the interface of the new digital bike rental for tokyobike in Tokyo.

Let’s work together!