Type Hype is a design label located in Berlin-Mitte. For two years, I shaped the brand’s social media performance with a clear and authentic communication.

Between 2015 and 2017, I have partnered with the German label on a number of different projects and campaigns. Each cooperation brought a new set of opportunities to position and enhance Type Hype’s letter universe nationally and internationally on social media.

A notebook from Type Hype in Berlin.
The official Type Hype concept store in Berlin-Mitte.
A shelfie with notebooks and mugs from Type Hype Berlin.

After setting the baseline for a coherent and timeless visual communication with a lasting strategy behind, the marketing team and I took the brand’s awareness to the next level by building up relations with relevant Instagram creators and ambassadors — as well as managing creative campaigns from finish to start.

The Instagram feed of @typehype_berlin.
An Instagram post showing a well-curated selection of products from @typehype_berlin.

The #typehypestories campaign challenged ten selected creators to tell their own story by interpreting a favourite Type Hype item. The Instagram series generated more than 90 high-quality posts and inspired an audience of over 600k individuals in total.

86k Interactions
90+ Pieces of content
600k reach


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